The 5th ISIT-ETRI Joint Workshop

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Date:20th - 21th, November, 2009
Place:Shine Villeホテル・韓国・済州島(Jeju)
  ETRI:Do-Won Hong(Head Principal Member & Ph.D), SungKyong Un(Principal Member), Nam-Su Jho(Ph.D),
	Youn-Hee Gil(Senior Member), Joo Young Lee(李珠榮, Senior Member), SuHyung Jo(Senior Engineer),
	SANG SU LEE(Senior Engineer / M.D.), YOUNGSOO KIM(Senior Engineer / Ph.D), Jeong Woon Choi(Ph.D),
  Korean Bible Univ.:Ilsun You(Ph.D)
  ISIT:櫻井幸一(Kouichi Sakurai), 高橋健一 (Ken'ichi Takahashi), 江藤文治(Fumiharu Etoh), 西出隆志 (Takashi Nishide), 三浦賢吾(Kengo Miura)

We held on 5th ISIT-ETRI Joint Workshop.

■Fri. 20th, Nov.

[Opening: 15:20〜15:35]
(1) Opening and welcoming address
  - Do Won Hong
(2) Address in reply
  - Kouichi Sakurai

[Session T: 15:35〜16:50]
(1) Live data forensic
  - Youn-Hee Gil, (ETRI)

(2) International Standard of Digital Forensics
  - Youn-Hee Gil, (ETRI)

(3) A study of the log file dispersion management method
  - Fumiharu Etoh ,(ISIT) (pdf)
Q1:Keyed hash関数を使う理由は?
Q2:日本の法廷でのDigital Forensicの利用性は?
   Q4:SecurityとIntegrityは同一の意味で使用しているのか? [Introductionの2/5]
    ->by the digital evidence security
    =>by the digital evidence securement、とすべき。

[Session U: 17:00〜18:00]
(1) Cloud security in Korea
  - Sung Kyong Un, (ETRI)

(2) Prevention of the propagation of intrusion based on notification from other parties
  - Ken'ichi Takahashi, (ISIT)
Q:Policyに違反 / 遵守を評価・判断するのは誰か?
A:receiverである(ex. machine B)。

■Sat. 21th, Nov.

[Session V: 09:30〜10:30]
(1) Searchable encryption
  - Nam-Su Jho, (ETRI)

(2) On Formal Verification of Security Protocols for MIPv6
  - Il Sun You, (Korean Bible Univ.)

[Session W: 10:35〜11:30]
(1) Password recovery system
  - Sang Su Lee, (ETRI)

(2) Attribute-based encryption with partially hidden encryptor-specified access structures
  - Takashi Nishide, (ISIT)
Q:最近、ABE(Attribute-Based Encryption)は広く利用されているのか?

[Colsing: 15:20〜15:35]
(1) Wrap-up and Discussion
  - Do Won Hong

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