The 1st GERI-ISIT Joint Symposium

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Date:5th, October, 2009
Place:亀尾電子情報技術院(GERI:Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute)
 亀尾市:李 弘憙(Lee, Hong-Hee)経済通商局長, 鄭 寅基(Jung, In-Ki)科学経済課長
  GERI:李 宋炯(Lee, Jong Hyung)院長, 許 容碩(Her, Yong Sork)戦略企画チーム長,
	Tae Wook Roh Senior(Researcher), Man Tae Kim(Researcher), Gyu Seok Choi(Ph.D & Manager),
  ISIT:新海征治(Seiji Shinkai), 櫻井幸一(Kouichi Sakurai), 江藤文治(Fumiharu Etoh), 犬塚智彦(Tomohiko Inutsuka)

We held on The 1st GERI-ISIT Joint Symposium.

Program T: 11:10〜12:40

Invited Lecture
"Supramolecular Chemistry Outcomes Dispatched from Shinkai/Nanotech Lab"
  - President of ISIT, Ph.D Seiji Shinkai

Program U: 14:20〜16:50

(1) A study of Anode Substrate based Nano-Structured for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  - Tae-Wook Roh ,(GERI)

(2) Introduction to Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies
  - Kouichi Sakurai ,(ISIT) (pdf)

(3) A Study on the Coating of Acupuncture Needle with Bioceramics to Improve Insulation Performance
  - Man-Tae Kim ,(GERI)

(4) The study introduction of Information Security lab.
  - Fumiharu Etoh ,(ISIT) (pdf)
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Q2:"Personal Mailing List Address"の対象は携帯のmail addressにも適用可能か?
A2:説明にもあるように"The system is compatible"と考えており、適用可能と考える。

(5) Research Activities of Solar Cell and Electronic Devices in GERI
  - Gyu-Seok, Choi ,(GERI)

On October 6, We paid a courtesy visit to Mayor Nam Yoo-Chin in Kameo city hall.
(10月6日は、亀尾市役所に南 ●鎮市長を表敬訪問しました。[●は、さんずいに有] )

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