The 4th ETRI-ISIT Joint Workshop on Computer Forensic and Cyber Privacy

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Date:2nd, October, 2008
  (ETRI) Dr.Kyoil Chung, Dr.Dowon Hong, Dr. Sungkyung Un, Dr.Namsu Jho
  (ISIT) Dr.Sakurai, Dr.Takahashi, Dr.Hashimoto, Mr.Fujii, Dr.Kurihara, Mr.Okabe
  (Kyushu Univ.) Prof. Hori,, Miss.chou

The 4th ETRI-ISIT Joint Workshop was held in ISIT, Fukuoka, Japan.

10:00-10:10	    Opening (Kouichi Sakurai (ISIT) , Kyoil Chung (ETRI))

Session A       
10:10-10:20	    Introduction of ISIT (Kouichi Okabe (ISIT))
10:20-10:30	    Introduction of Nanotech Lab.(Takashi Kurihara (ISIT))
10:30-11:00	    Digital Forensics for Cyber Security(Yoshiaki Hori(Kyushu Univ.))
11:00-11:30	    Digital Forensics Research in ETRI (Sungkyong Un (ETRI))

11:30-13:30	    Lunch  (Vingtetun in Hyatt Hotel) 	

Session B :
13:30-14:00	    Digital Forensic appliances Research in Japan(Masakazu Fujii(ISIT))
14:00-14:30	    Who Leaks the Mailing-list Address? (Kenichi Takahashi(ISIT))
14:30-15:00	    High-speed Search using Content Processor in Digital Forensics (Dowon Hong (ETRI))

15:00-15:20	Coffee Break	

Session C :
15:20-15:40	    A Secure association rules mining scheme based on frequent-pattern tree (Chunhua Su(Kyushu Univ.))
15:40-16:10	    Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Efficient Conjunctive Keyword Search(Namsu Jho (ETRI))
16:10-16:30	    Assessing VM's impact on acquiring volatile data in live forensics(Bin-Hui Chou(Kyushu Univ.)) 
16:30-17:30	    Free Discussion and Closing	

18:00-	        Dinner  (Baramon in Sea Hawk Hotel)	

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